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Fimbel ADS Website Privacy Policy

The intention of this document is to provide you, our valued customer, with some peace of mind while using our website (Site),

Information is collected from you in two ways:

  • Information you knowingly volunteer when filling out one of our forms
  • Information which is collected and used by Web Server Logs and "Cookies" while you browse the Site

Information collected by Fimbel ADS and this Site is used for two distinct purposes:

  • To provide information to you, our customer, about our products and services
  • To improve your experience while using the Site.

Please be aware that Fimbel ADS will never disclose any personal information to a third party company without your permission, unless one of these conditions are met:

  • It is neccessary to do so to fulfill your order
  • To be in legal compliance with any law, warrant, subpoena, or the like
  • In the event where the information is necessary to protect the rights, physical or intellectual property, or safety or general well-being of one of Fimbel ADS’s employees

This site employs standard commercial technologies to better service our customers, including “cookies” and web server logs. The intention of these technologies is to give the user a better experience, by collecting anonymous information. This information may include dates and times of visits, the pages visited, the amount of time spent browsing the site, and any pages the visitor may have come from immediately before, or visited immediately after leaving our site. In no manner can this information be associated with an individual person, and is strictly used to improve the visitor’s experience while browsing our Site.

Cookies are small chunks of data that a web browser (like the one you’re using now) can use to communicate with a web server. The data is stored in a small file on your computer. The website, which resides on the web server (like this one), reads the Cookie, which can contain information about the visitor’s preferences at the Site. The Cookie is designed to help streamline the visitor’s experience, by providing information that would otherwise need to be entered repeatedly. Please know that this website will NEVER store sensitive information about you in a Cookie.

It is true that even though Fimbel ADS has taken measures to prevent your information from interception, alteration, or other misuse by third parties, there is an inherent risk with transmitting information over the Internet. Every policy has its weaknesses, and information can be lost or stolen in extreme circumstances. You may contact us if you would like to change the personal information you have provided us, make an update to any other information, or be removed or added to any marketing campaign we may be running at the time. You may reach us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 908-534-1732.

This Privacy Policy is subject to revisions by Fimbel ADS, which will be made by being posted to this Site. Your use of this Site assumes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, along with any revisions made since your last visit. Please exit this site immediately if you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement.