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Nearly 100 Years Manufacturing Garage Doors

Since 1924 the Fimbel family has been making garage doors. Today, my sister Erin, my husband Chris, and I are proud to carry on the tradition as fourth generation garage door manufacturers. 

When you think about it, we fill a big hole in the front of your house. Garage doors can take up to 30% of your home’s facade. That’s a huge canvas on which to create an arresting statement! We take that task very seriously because to us there is nothing better than an exceptionally proud homeowner! 

Our garage doors are beautifully designed and built to last. After nearly 100 years, we know how to do it right. Take a deeper dive in this terrific story about Fimbel Family garage door manufacturing recently published in our industry publication: International Door & Opener Industry.

Fimbel Manufacturing Milestones

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018