Fimbel Spring Rebate


It’s not your dad’s garage door anymore!

Fimbel’s use of advanced materials, patented manufacturing techniques and extraordinary authentic architectural designs means that our garage doors are the most sophisticated doors available — anywhere. Our doors stand up to the harshest environments and to the toughest demands of historical societies everywhere! When our doors welcome you home, we will be standing behind the quality and satisfaction you feel.

See how we do it — Here’s a quick course in Fimbel Door-ology!



Our focus at Fimbel Architectural Doors is all about quality and safety. Using innovative, patented manufacturing methods, each door is hand-crafted uniquely for you with care under our strict manufacturing specifications to ensure the highest quality. Our quality systems and manufacturing practices are systematically challenged and enhanced through continuous improvement processes. With our unique and green manufacturing processes we bring a quality product to your home.



Green Manufacturing:

Our focus is all about quality and safety. These two measures are applied in our manufacturing processes but also with our people. For this reason, we run on solar power and pass along our unused power back to the grid. Our offices follow a recycling program to reduce single-use plastics and conserve/utilize compostable products and paper. We partner with One Tree Planted (501c3) to do our part to restore our generous forests and planet. Eco-friendly garage doors minimize their impact on the environment, both during their construction and throughout their lifetime.



U.S patents have been awarded for our unique process and details. Our inlaid overlays prevent water from seeping behind the overlay and loosening overtime. This inlaid overlay allows our doors to be aesthetically superior with no gaps between the face and overlay. Our patented manufacturing process allows us to machine the same design across multiple door panels and create a seamless, continuous design for your door.




With our patented manufacturing process, we deliver a wide range of unique styles and price points for you. Each door is engineered and crafted for longevity, durability, and beauty for your home.

  • Mix and Match Fimbel’s Collections

    Mix and Match Fimbel’s Collections

  • Patent on Continuous Design Run Over Multiple Sections

    Patent on Continuous Design Run Over Multiple Sections

  • American Legends Exterior

    American Legends Exterior

  • Single Sheet Grille Profile

    Single Sheet Grille Profile

  • Roaring Twenties VG Profile

    Roaring Twenties VG Profile

  • High Quality Faux Stain

    High Quality Faux Stain

  • Custom Design

    Custom Design



    We offer everything from creative designs, funky features to matching uneven floors and odd heights and widths. Within each one of the Fimbel's collections it is possible to mix and match sections and multiple profile offerings to make a unique door. Design your own or count on one of ours! Our construction methods allow us to construct door sections in 1” increments. With single sheet construction and hand made frames, we are able to make the door how you like it! The option to fully customize a door to your vision is always available. Even if you have the most odd-sized opening we can help you with a beautifully built-to-size door rather than having your contractor cut a standard door down to size or have it overlap the opening. This makes a huge difference in the look, fit and the functionality of the door. Premium features and custom options are available for a door’s design, finish, application and more. When carving a profile of your choice, we can also create big top sections. Customizable work can be for minimum to no cost depending on the variation!



    After your door is made to your needs, we continue to stand behind our quality and product with our exceptional warranty. We know life happens! Forgot to put your car in park? Unlike other garage doors we can replace individual sections so you wouldn’t have to replace your whole door. Fimbel garage doors are meant to last. Our doors come with a limited lifetime against rotting, rusting through, water absorption, and termite infestation.



    Our interlocking tongue and groove Vinyl-clad section joints allow for a door that meets not only durability but beauty. Our glass sections are a solid one-piece grille made from Versatex®, or Tricoya® making them much more durable. There are no seams in the window muntins for a clean look that will not crack, warp, or gap. You can even improve your energy efficiency and avoid condensation in your garage with our insulated glass package, to keep heat in during the winter and heat out during warmer temperatures. Advanced materials are used for durability. Such as UV Resistant materials that will not yellow, and hardware attachment points are pre-drilled so the installer is guaranteed to find our wood frame every time for a secure and long lasting installation. Finishing options are heat reflective and high performance products giving a clean finish meant to last. During our process we ensure our doors are encased with high quality materials to prevent water damage.



    With a smooth face and look of real wood our doors provide extraordinary beauty without the maintenance.