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Fimbel Door-ology

— it’s not your Dad’s door any more!

Fimbel garage doors are more sophisticated than any other door on the market today. Fimbel doors are manufactured from advanced materials using patented manufacturing techniques and authentic period architectural designs. We offer you an amazing number of ways to dress up your home and magnify its appeal. Most of our doors are built to order — so if you dream it, we will build it!

Before you choose a Fimbel door, here’s a fast course in Fimbel Door-ology:

Swing, Overhead Traditional, and Overhead Carriage

Our Euro-Dor®, Roaring Twenties, Roaring Twenties Raised Panel, Presidential and Custom Designs are available as swing, overhead or overhead carriage style doors. American Legends and Legacy are not available as a classic swing carriage house door.

  • Classic Swing Carriage House Doors — just as they are called, they swing open.
  • Overhead Doors — open by rolling up
  • Overhead Carriage House — are the best of both worlds they look like they will swing open, but they roll up. See the photo. That’s our RT12-A Yonkers featuring V grooves and handles — that door has the look of a swing door but neatly rolls up.
Roaring Twenties RT12-A Yonkers with decorative handles copy

From Roaring Twenties to Rock’n Roll…and beyond…

Fimbel door designs are developed from original drawings — many of them from our nearly century old archive of door designs — from Craftsman to Mid-Century Modern. For many folks, getting the design period of their garage door just right is key to making their home a showplace with great curb appeal.

Many older homes were built before families owned cars. Once the homeowner bought their first car, they may have added a garage — or perhaps waited even longer to build that luxury for their car. That means that you may live in an early-20th century home but have a garage with a mid-century door design. Purchasing the right Fimbel door will align your home’s original period design with that of the garage.

Fimbel Details Make the Difference

You won’t find cheesy, faked embossed woodgrain in a Fimbel door. We manufacture our doors out of thick, solid, composite vinyl sheets and overlays as well as Vinyl-clad steel to look like a painted wood door. And what a difference that makes! We can create gorgeous deep cope and bead or v-groove patterns, add recessed panels and more. If you don’t see it here, just ask: (908.534.1732 ext. 1121) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • American Legends LV12 S Vanderbilt

    American Legends LV12 S Vanderbilt

  • American Legends Recessed Panel Long Panel Open Lites

    American Legends Recessed Panel Long Panel Open Lites

  • Custom Modern Euro Flush With Frosted Glass

    Custom Modern Euro Flush With Frosted Glass

  • Presidential Custom With Clavos Cadet Gray

    Presidential Custom With Clavos Cadet Gray

  • Roaring Twenties RT11 S Detroit V Grooves Classic Cream

    Roaring Twenties RT11 S Detroit V Grooves Classic Cream

  • Presidential Custom Scroll Door

    Presidential Custom Scroll Door

    Superior Construction for Long Life and Enduring Beauty

    Our American Legends Collection is Vinyl-clad Steel

    All of our other collections are manufactured using Vinyl Composite Technology

    …and all of our collections feature…

    • UV Resistant materials that will not yellow
    • All hardware attachment points are predrilled so the installer is guaranteed to find our wood frame every time for a secure and long lasting installation.
    • Interlocking tongue and Groove Vinyl-clad section joints
    • For all our VCT doors we use Versatex® as our primary material which has maintained the tightest color tolerances in the industry for the last 10 years. Versatex® is made right here in America.
    • Our construction methods allow us to construct door sections in 1” increments. Even if you have the most odd-sized opening we can help you with a beautifully built-to-size door rather than having your contractor cut a standard door down to size or have it overlap the opening. This makes a huge difference in the look, fit and the functionality of the door.
    • To help keep our doors as cost effective as possible we offer our Standard White Door for doors that will always be white — and never yellow.
    • We also offer a Paintable Upgrade Door for doors to be finished in any color other than white. These doors are a slight upcharge and have additional internal reinforcing. Paintable Upgrade Doors may be factory finished or field finished with Aqua SurTech DIY Paint Kits. Custom color matches are available.

    Fimbel Windows — Big, Bold, & Beautiful

    Roaring Twenties RT11-S Detroit V grooves Cashmere

    Our windows are bigger. Our doors are designed to historically accurate proportions, with a larger glass area then most other doors on the market. Not only do they let in more lites, they deliver a big bold beautiful look.

    OR, if you prefer smaller lites in your top section, we offer that too!

    Our glass sections are a solid one-piece grille made from Versatex®, that makes them much more durable. There are no seams in the window muntins for a clean look that will not crack, warp, or gap. The face of the material is smooth which provides the look, feel, and beauty of painted wood without the maintenance. And, since we are cutting the lites from one piece of material, we can provide a very wide variety of grille options for no additional cost.

    Mix & Match!

    Within each one of the Fimbel's collections it is possible to mix and match sections to create a unique door. And if you want go further, we can add other custom, decorative elements. Here’s just a few examples from our Roaring Twenties line:

    • RT11 A Hartford

    • RT11 A Hartford EA 412

    • RT11 A Hartford EA 422

    • RT11 A Hartford TA 112

    • RT11 A Hartford TA 312

    • RT11 A Hartford TA 322

    • RT11 A Hartford TA 412

    • RT11 A Hartford TA 422

    • RT15 S Harlem

    • RT15 S Harlem ES 112

    • RT15 S Harlem ES 412

    • RT15 S Harlem ES 422

    • RT15 S Harlem SS 312

    • RT15 S Harlem TS 312

    • RT15 S Harlem TS 322

    • RV15 S Harlem TS 412

    Odd Size Opening? We say: BRING. IT. ON.

    When we say we build to suit, we mean it!

    Collection Width Height
    Euro-Dor®, Presidential, Roaring Twenties or Roaring Twenties Raised Panel Collections any in 1” increments any in 1” increments
    Legacy Collection any in 1” increments any in 3” increments
    American Legends 8’,9’,10’,16’ and 18’ any in 1” increments