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Swing into Summer with Swing Doors


The word 'garage' was first introduced to the English language in 1902, and the first overhead operating door was brought to life in the 1920's. Prior to these evolutions of language and innovation, carriage houses were used to shelter transportation of the time. Welcoming them home were swing doors. The structure and the doors performed the function just fine, but the interaction wasn't easy especially in geographical locations with cold and inclement weather for much of the year. But even though the effort required was an obstacle, no one can deny the classic beauty of these swing doors.

The introduction of the Model-T Ford and it's manufacturing lines drove a demand to change the way we enter the carriage house - or the garage as it became known. People enjoyed the ease of transit while in these new cars, and CG Johnson (the innovator of the overhead door) answered the call in 1921. Shortly after in 1924, our Great-Grandfather, Edward Fimbel Sr. who was a Millworker and making swing doors already, became the first to franchise the newly formed Overhead Door. If you are a history buff and want to catch up on all things Fimbel, please enjoy this timeline of the Fimbel family and this article (page 49) on our history!

Though we have progressed over the last century in our construction and materials, we are always proud to hang on to our roots. Today we offer the highest quality, customizable, and sustainable doors in the industry which are typically overhead operating, but we also still make swing doors in any of our Estate Collection offerings!

Swing Doors:

Swing doors are two slabs that hang vertically in either side of the framed opening. Oftentimes, authentic swing carriage doors are shown with the traditional x-bucks (considered 'barn' doors by many). Today we add carved design features and overlays in many configurations to add to the design, but fact remains the A-bucks, V-bucks, and Crossbucks (as the diagonal overlay design is called) were originally a core piece of the integrity and durability of the door to keep them from sagging in the opening. This is where the function of yesterday becomes the fashion of today! Our doors are built strong for durability but allow you to design to your heart's delight. 

Originally, swing doors were operated manually, and they still can be today; however, current technology allows the push of a button to swing out (or in for those who choose) and welcome you to the shelter of the garage.

Whether it is an existing garage, barn, studio, or classic carriage house, or you are building a new one, you can bring the classic look and time tested quality of swing doors with the functions and innovative construction and materials of today. You can mix and match overhead and swing doors to allow the best of both worlds. As shown below and in the feature image, this family purchased a home with more garage bays than they had cars, so they converted the bay nearest the pool into their modified pool house. The sectional doors (there are two) on the left allow for cars, bikes, and life's needs while the swing door will welcome the playful children and sun-kissed adults with ease. You can watch the magic happen in the super quick video below! 


The Estate Collection, truly welcomes the designer in all of us to emerge with the blend between tradition and innovation. Using a hand placed wood frame and nesting in our insulation, we laminate a vinyl back cover and a solid vinyl exterior that encases the face. This slab now becomes a blank slate to bring you more for your door.

Using both ⅜" and ¾" material, Versatex for unfinished doors and Tricoya for factory finished doors, we have options to add select profiles and nearly limitless designs to satisfy inspiration. These capabilities allow us to build the door in unique and custom sizes.

You will see these designs in our Euro-Dor and Presidential Series offering carriage, traditional, and modern styles. Offering profiles to meet your needs, these styles showcase deep raised panels and crafted designs to complement the architecture and aesthetics of your home.

To achieve a more classic carriage look, we offer the Roaring Twenties. This series starts with the same platform yet adds solid, study overlays pocketed (nested) into the face. The pronounced look of this classic style can be modified in myriad ways to satisfy decorative features and historical applications. Each of these series offers incredible longevity and beauty to satisfy.

Our door designs come to life in our sectional doors as well as our swing doors, so whichever functionality you prefer, we have the door for you! 


Make it your own by choosing specialty glass for your garage door. With these options and many more, you can add style and details to your project while managing your privacy and the natural light you let in!

For a true carriage look, we offer a variety of options for decorative hardware. From strap hinges and pull handles to latches and clavos, you can further customize your door! Many standard kits are available, but the options are limitless!

With additional options for the interior of the garage door, you can customize with an interior backer to add to the aesthetics. Our interior grille inserts provide the look of true divided lites and classes up the glass.

Design with Us!

Bring the 19th and early 20th centuries back to life with a swing carriage house complimented by the modern operations and construction of today. To learn more about our products, head to our homepage to download our Product Guide that will walk you through the many options available in our Estate Collection Swing Doors! 

Fall in Love with Fimbel Finishing


For nearly a century, our family has manufactured garage doors, and in that time, we have

learned a great deal about the industry through our partners, products, and passions. Today, we
are proud to include in our already environmentally friendly product a paint and faux stain
coating that will endure the elements using molecular bonded paint to stand the test of time.
Using D200 High performance finish with our proprietary system, all Factory Finished products
will be delivered with a clean finish to last! While most of our products do not require finishing
and may remain natural white, adding color to your project can add the wow-factor that we are
after! Our vast and ever-expanding color palette includes blacks, charcoals, and dark greens as
well as faux stains to truly replicate the look of wood without the maintenance. With solutions
for replacement of damaged sections to black paint in tough exposures, we are sure our
finishing options will satisfy you with beauty and durability!

So Much to Love!
The finishing program offers myriad options to satisfy the needs of your project. From solid
colors covering the entire door or perhaps used in a two-tone application as shown below, we
offer custom color matching in addition to our extensive standard offerings.

The magic of this paint system is the versatility to allow us to create our faux stain! Using a two
part process of the same paint we use to coat our doors, our team of Artisans use their trained
hands to apply first the grain design and then the top coat offering the final overall richness of
color. The result of this process allows us to increase grain depth or decrease it as needed as
well as custom color match to your desired finish.

Love in Every Door!
Fimbel doors are hand crafted and every detail perfected from our patented construction
through the processes all the way to our logistics operations, so it's no doubt we apply this
same level of quality to our finishing. You can count on an Architectural coating with a cabinet
finish unseen in other exterior applications. The detail applied to the multiple applications to
achieve this look is engineered for the strongest adhesion and cleanest finish.
We know that vinyl garage doors tend to respond adversely to the extreme temperature and
weather conditions they face. This began as an obstacle that has since turned into an
opportunity. While our VERSATEX PVC doors are crafted to remain in their natural white, we
found a solution to the projects requiring dark colors in tough exposures. Using Tricoya and our
proprietary finish system, we have not yet found a stain or a color request we couldn't satisfy!

We Love our Planet!
Our factory finish, made with D200 High performance paint, is an exterior waterborne coating
system designed for sustainability and aesthetics. It's extremely fast air dry and quick clean up
offers efficient processes for in-factory and DIY finishing. Additionally it is formulated with heat
reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors and is considered non-hazardous by
EPA standards allowing for the vast color options in our palette. Above all else, D200 exceeds
all environmental and performance standards, and the result is absolutely stunning!
Highlights of our Finishing System:

● Long lasting for continued satisfaction
● Custom color matching available
● Water-based coating
● Safe, odorless, and non-toxic
● Passes test requirements for AAMA615 (Organic Coatings on Plastic Substrates)
● Low heat absorption due to heat reflectant pigments
● Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance
● Excellent elasticity can withstand thermal expansion
● Excellent impact resistance
● Environmental Advantages:
○ Low VOC
○ Non-flammable
○ Lead and chromate free

You Will Love Your Door!
Our paint and faux stain options will blow your mind! With this paint system, we are able to offer
you all the benefits and beauty of real wood without the regular maintenance. The finish has a
warranty of 15 years for adhesion, cracking, peeling, and reasonable fading. Additionally, this
product can be refinished as time and trends roll on. Add all of these benefits to the long
standing quality of our garage doors, and you will be sure to find satisfaction.

If you are looking for a little color inspiration, please enjoy our recent blog on 2021 Exterior
Color Trends.

For more details and to take a peek at our standard paint and stain offerings, visit our website at 

Green Garage Doors: Great for you in any environment!


Though our legacy has taught us that hard work is truly a key to success, the times tell us we need to make life more sustainable, simplified, yet still stunning! All Fimbel doors are constructed to be low maintenance today and tomorrow which means less stress and less waste! Our materials are innovative and developed with the both end user experience and our environment in mind. Our naturally white doors are made to be unfinished, but we offer a vast range of paints and stains in our unique system using water based and eco-friendly ingredients. Additionally, our headquarters and primary manufacturing plant draws 80% of electricity from solar panels on the roof to reduce our impact on Mother Earth.

Our hard word to reduce waste is not only built into the process but also into the resulting product which means less to the landfill and increases our product longevity. Choosing quality partners and instilling practices into our operations to reduce and conserve are critical to our goals.

Much of this vision is credit to Erin Fimbel, our President (and full disclosure: my sister). When she joined the company, an already existing mindset was converted to practices, innovations, and dedication as she brought our deeply held family values to life. Today she is leading us with clarity and commitment to these goals. "Continuous improvement, metrics-driven quality, and an exceptional customer experience will continue to be at the heart of everything we do." she recently stated. "Our family values are reflected in our commitment to our people, partners, and customers. We pride ourselves on doing what we say we will and providing a sustainable and reliable product that we stand behind."

From a sustainability standpoint, garage doors made of wood simply don't make sense. Wood rots, particularly in wet and humid environments, resulting in more frequent replacements. The garage doors made popular in the mid-20th century were made of steel, but steel rusts in the same places where wood rots. It also dents easily and has an undesirable fake woodgrain often stamped into the face. Fortunately, there's a better, more beautiful option with our lineup of garage doors. 

We use vinyl because it will not rot or rust, and while vinyl experiences seasonal expansion and contraction, it does so without cracking, and we have engineers our way around the obstacle. We even use vinyl to coat our steel section for the platform of our American legends series. Vinyl offers us the ability to make high-end products with the look and feel of a wood door, but our doors are maintenance-free and can survive in harsh environments, like the coast, where a wood door would deteriorate and standard steel would rust.

Every Fimbel door we make is fully insulated to support the demands of the many uses today for garage spaces. We also use top-grade components such as 11-gauge hinges where the industry standard is the thinner 13-gauge material. These are just a few ways we build in confidence to offer you a long lasting, beautiful door.

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted (501c3) we do our part to restore our generous forests and our planet. It is undeniable that mother nature's bounty has provided for the garage door industry and our family since we began manufacturing overhead doors in the early 1920's. Today, every single door sold by Fimbel Architectural Doors plants a tree through the hard work and commitment of our tree-loving partners. Together, we hope to make the world more beautiful and sustainable one door and one tree at a time #OneDoorOneTree. 

We know we cannot change the world with only a door, but we can challenge how we operate in all aspects to make the world a healthier place. We do this with a focus to improve efficiency to reduce supply chain demand, retain and empower our Team, and build stronger communities. Our quality allows us to get it right the first time because our goal is to pave the way for the next generation. 

Meet Our Partners: VERSATEX


For nearly a century we have chosen our partners wisely. Today, more than ever, we know that choosing partners with shared values of quality, innovation, and sustainability is crucial. With confidence we put our name and our legacy behind every single door we craft, but we cannot do this alone. While our team of dedicated employees constructs the doors, our material suppliers play a necessary role in our consistency and reliability.

One partner who has demonstrated time and again their commitment to the product they make and the industry we serve is VERSATEX Building Products. Since 2004, they have become a leading supplier of diverse PVC products to the building industry. We began using their material in sheet form as our preferred primary material in 2015 because of their incomparable commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.


VERSATEX is a free-foamed cellular PVC material that replicates the beauty of wood yet provides long lasting protection against rot, cracking, and decay— all without requiring any paints or sealants to protect it from the environment. Unlike wood, VERSATEX is impervious to moisture, insect-resistant and will not rot, rust, or corrode. VERSATEX requires less maintenance than wood, wood composites, or fiber cement trims. It is an ideal solution for moisture sensitive areas, including those along coastal zones or regions affected by salt and high humidity.

These attributes of beauty and durability have given us the confidence and the capability to manufacture made-to-order, gorgeous, high quality doors with a product and a warranty that stand strong regardless of proximity to the ocean, rivers, harsh geological environments, and life's everyday messes. 

What do they make?

In its origin, VERSATEX made trimboard to add decorative elements to exterior applications where wood was once used. This offered the customer a lifestyle with less maintenance. This original product then expanded to offer the PVC in sheet form. In this form, we are able to apply the sheet to our fully insulated wood core to surround and protect the frame. Thanks to the nature of the material, we can machine and manipulate it to create nearly endless design options while offering the same, low-maintenance lifestyle on the garage door.

One rather new and stunning product of theirs is the Canvas Series. The tongue and groove PVC trim will complement your next project from porch ceilings to soffits and feature walls, the options are vast! Similar to the rest of the product line, this option removes the repeated demand of restaining hardwood. 

But they don't stop there! They also offer a variety of products, each developed with the end user in mind, that enhance the elegance of various project such as:

  • Corners
  • Column Wraps
  • Soffit, Fascia, & Frieze
  • Mouldings
  • Beadboard & Shiplap
  • And so much more!

Who are they?

First and foremost, the organization is built upon a strong value proposition for quality and innovation which is in line with ours. They also share our commitment to sustainability which they detail on their website. In addition, the team at VERSATEX is simply made of good people that quite frankly, we enjoy being around. In this way, like begets like, and they connect quality with quality. This network creates opportunities for relationships with other builders, OEMs, contractors, and so many others to build outside of this partnership.

VERSATEX is known for its commitment to the building industry to educate and inform. They continue to build models into their system to empower their customers to make the most of their product for the best possible results. Brand Ambassadors are trained and empowered to educate and inform. The Roadshow with Bobby Parks travels the country doing onsite presentations and offering educational opportunities on best practices and tactics for VERSATEX and beyond! (Side note: Bobby Parks is the MAN. He is pictured with me below after a hot August day doing demos in a parking lot with smiles on our faces!)

They have built an insanely strong presence in social media by connecting quality professionals with resources, support networks, and opportunities. Through podcasts, blogs, videos, and so much more, they have created a community of talent and experience from which we can all learn and grow. They even interviewed us twice: once in traditional podcast form and once on video. To join the community, click here to read a note from the team and sign up!

In short, they are the kind of people - the kind of organization - you want to be around, you want to work with, and you want to learn and grow from.

Pairing Fimbel ADS with VERSATEX, "you're only limited by your imagination".

To learn more about them, find them online and on social!





Ed Fimbel III, CEO of Fimbel ADS Retires


Press Release: Ed Fimbel III, CEO of Fimbel ADS, to Step Down from Active Role in 2021.

(Whitehouse Station, NJ – January 18, 2021) Fimbel Architectural Doors, manufacturers of custom residential and commercial overhead doors have announced that its CEO, Ed Fimbel III, will formally exit his active role on January 15th.

Fimbel Architectural Doors will continue to be led by its current executive management team, which includes President, Erin Fimbel, Vice President, Bill Rasely and Vice President of Marketing, Michaela (Fimbel) Birdyshaw. "Continuous improvement, metrics-driven quality, and an exceptional customer experience will continue to be at the heart of everything we do." states Erin Fimbel. "Our family values are reflected in our commitment to our people, partners and customers. We pride ourselves on doing what we say we will and providing a sustainable and reliable product that we stand behind."

Ed began his relationship with the family-owned business as a young teenager more than six decades ago packing hardware cartons and loading freight during summer vacations. Having earned a BS degree in business, he went to work for a door distributor where he gained useful knowledge installing and repairing products and equipment. Upon returning to the business that bears his name, Ed combined that real world experience with an innate sense for, in his words, "practical engineering" to lead Fimbel on a path of growth and innovation that places them today as leaders in the overhead door industry.

Ed Fimbel III's decades-long tenure of company stewardship resulted in an exclusive focus on the use of advanced materials using patented manufacturing techniques and authentic period-correct architectural designs from Colonial to Craftsman to Contemporary. Among his many achievements was the introduction of CNC machining technology to the fabrication of Fimbel custom overhead doors.

With a history that can be traced to the early 1920's invention of the overhead garage door, in 1969 Fimbel Door moved from its original location in Hillside, New Jersey to more modern facilities in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Its current state-of-the art, solar powered operations, just across the street from its prior Whitehouse Station location, are complemented by 60,000 square feet of additional manufacturing resources in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Ed looks forward to turning his attention to some of his other passions, including activities as an amateur archeologist working with the Flemington Historical Society dating artifacts and curating educational exhibits. During his leisure time he also expects to be spending more time with his wife, grandchildren and three siblings, as well as sharpening his skills at skiing, tennis and golf.

As Ed transitions to a more relaxed lifestyle, he will continue to be involved with Fimbel new product development on a limited basis in 2021.

About Fimbel Architectural Doors

Fimbel Architectural Doors was formally established in 2004 as a custom door manufacturing business by Edward Fimbel III, following the sale of the former Fimbel Door Corporation. The roots of the company date back four generations to the original door manufacturing company founded in 1924 by Edward Fimbel Sr. Today, Fimbel Architectural Doors is a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Using advanced materials and patented production methods, the company specializes in architecturally accurate, custom-made residential and commercial overhead doors. It operates manufacturing facilities in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey and Mcadoo, Pennsylvania. 

For more information, please enjoy The Story Behind Fimbel Architectural Doors

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