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The Technical Side of Beauty

We talk a lot about our factory finish. We talk about the aesthetics and the application and the lasting satisfaction, but today we will dig a little deeper into the technical side of beauty. Beyond the artisan craftsmanship to apply the color into what's beneath the surface, and why does it matter?

If you want to skip the details and head right to the final result, you're welcome to head back to our blog posts from September with the nuts and bolts of our factory finish or our six steps to designing your door, but if you want to dig in further, stick around! 

Image: American Legends LV13-S Wright with Fimbel Green factory finish.

Fimbel Factory Finish is exclusively applied by a skilled and trained team of finishers utilizing a four-layer proprietary process. The result is the highest quality finish in the garage door industry and that of architectural paints and applications. Additionally - we choose products and partners with a shared passion for preserving Mother Earth, and our paint operations support our vision for a cleaner, greener world!

We use AquaSurTech D200 High Performance Paint system that has been thoroughly tested and is the best paint on the market for our applications. This is an exterior waterborne/water based coating system designed for sustainability and aesthetics and is considered non-hazardous by EPA standards. D200 exceeds all environmental and performance standards. To look further into their materials and commitments to sustainability, find their website here. 

Image: American Legends Raised Panel with Sunray top and faux stain.

Some of the highlights of D200 go beyond its beautiful surface. It is extremely fast air dry and quick clean up offers efficient processes for in-factory and DIY finishing. It utilizes superior technology by providing a molecular bond and has exceptional heat reflectance along with long term color/gloss retention. It is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors allowing for the vast color options in our palette regardless of exposure. The weather resistance of D200 doubles that of other paints as it is solar reflective and has high resistance to UV, salt, and other environmental factors. It also provides stone, chip, and grit erosion resistance.

The finishing program offers myriad options to satisfy the needs of your project. From solid colors covering the entire door or perhaps used in a two-tone application, we offer custom color matching in addition to our extensive standard offerings. 

Image: Roaring Twenties RT15-A Patterson with two-tone paint finish.

The magic of this paint system is the versatility allowing us to create our faux stain! Using a two part process of the same paint we use to coat our doors, our team of Artisans use their trained

hands to apply first the grain design and then the top coat offering the final overall richness of color. The result of this process allows us to increase grain depth or decrease it as needed as well as custom color match to your desired finish.

Highlights of our Finishing System:

  • Using our application, we deliver a cabinet-like finish
  • Long lasting for continued satisfaction
  • Custom color matching available
  • Water-based coating
  • Safe, odorless, and non-toxic
  • Passes test requirements for AAMA615 (Organic Coatings on Plastic Substrates)
  • Low heat absorption due to heat reflectant pigments
  • Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent elasticity can withstand thermal expansion
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Low VOC
  • Non-flammable
  • Lead and chromate free
Image: Roaring Twenties RT17A Norfolk with faux stain and decorative hardware.

In addition to all of this, we offer a reliable and lasting 10 year factory finish warranty that covers the longevity and durability of the products we craft. We proudly offer a door with a low-maintenance lifestyle, but it is important that the doors are properly maintained to be covered under normal conditions from peeling, cracking, blistering, or significant ultraviolet discoloration.

Additionally, we offer a 3 year application warranty which applies to the paint or stain application and any failures as a result of the application process. Additionally, aligning with our 3 year limited door warranty, it covers any other commercial defects in material and workmanship.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, safety, and satisfaction, so you can count on us to provide the right door with the right finish for you and Mother Earth. For more details and to take a peek at our standard paint and stain offerings, visit our website at 

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