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Portsmouth Fire Department


Every so often I stumble upon a photo that takes my breath right away. A photo that speaks a thousand words engulfing the pride of a parent, the admiration of an artist, and the joy of a child. This was the case upon finding the featured image above of the Portsmouth Fire Department and our Roaring Twenties doors: I had to have it!

As many of us can imagine, those of us who spent the last year through COVID on the front lines are tired, busy, and stressed, so I hesitantly reached out to gain permission to use the image. When I got Assistant Fire Chief Bill McQuillen on the line, our chat began with laughter. He simply said, "This may be the best call I have this month: You only want information on our garage doors when everyone else has a fire to put out be it a real fire or COVID related or volunteer related or whatever else. So how can I help?" It was at least 45 minutes later we had to tear ourselves from the call as our joyful time was filled with history, humor, and an appreciation of our doors and their department for quality and service!

If you look closely at the photo above, you will see a hydrant; however, this one dispenses dog treats to the hundreds of canine passerby each day who visit this community hub. He spoke of this aspect with reverie for the connection it creates for the community as well as the members of the Portsmouth FD. As a family business and as a family unit, we support the efforts of Erin Fimbel, our President, who has fostered 27 dogs through her home and our office, this means a great deal to us! As I looked closer, it became clear the values that inspire this FD are aligned with those that inspire FADS.

The Doors

The Estate Collection, the platform for the Roaring Twenties doors selected for this project is built using a hand placed wood frame and nesting in our insulation. Next we laminate a vinyl back cover and a solid vinyl exterior that encases the face. This slab now becomes a blank slate to bring you more for your door and allow abundant design options. Applying solid, study overlays pocketed (nested) into the face creates the pronounced look of this classic style. Behind the smooth, high end look of wood, we use composite materials made from partners who value the earth as much as we do. Our doors are durable to stand the test of time as well as low-maintenance. It is this innovation and material selection that create the opportunity to be modified in myriad ways, including 1" height and width increments, to satisfy decorative features and historical applications. 

We don't stop there! The one-piece grille with no joints or inserts and various profile options adds instant design appeal. In most of our doors we offer both large or small window options with custom designs, including window shape and placement, and custom arches available for your design needs.

We are very proud of our factory finish and offer it in both standard and custom paint options but also in an array of hand-applied faux stain. Using proprietary systems and heat-reflective high-performance paint, all Factory Finished products will be delivered with the finest finish in the industry with a furniture-like finish for exterior architecture. With a strong warranty and compassion for the earth, our paint is an excellent addition to your garage door.

All Fimbel products are insulated and engineered for sustainability. The products and processes we design are done to serve you and Mother Earth. We run on solar and give back our extra to the grid. We also plant one tree for each and every door we sell to be sure that future generations can enjoy the bounty and breath of our forests.

The Connection

Our innovation and sustainability make it possible to keep the past alive in places like historic, downtown Portsmouth. They have three locations, two are newer, but this classic beauty welcomed six black, factory-finished Roaring Twenties to their facade and their operations. Our values and products lined up with their needs and navigated their obstacles. When reading this quote from Fire Chief, Todd Germaine, it's impossible not to agree with their mission and feel we are a part of their value: "Throughout our history, we have taken pride in balancing tradition with innovation, and demonstrating a strong commitment in celebrating the past while at the same time looking to the future."

Feeling inspired by their alignment with who we are and my admiration for the project as a whole, I felt compelled to offer you a little insight into this department! The information below is from their website (shown in italics), and I encourage you to read along and fall in love as I did with the dynamic Portsmouth Fire Department!


Our story dates back to 1756 when the citizens of Portsmouth decided to organize and regulate fire protection. In the years to follow, they would improve the community's fire protection capabilities by purchasing fire engines and the building of fire houses. By the late 1800s the city would boast four steam fire engines and a horse-drawn hook and ladder. The first motorized fire engine was delivered in 1912 and in 1945 the department would begin providing ambulance service in the city. Today we are a modern, full-service fire department made up of sixty-one extremely dedicated professionals operating out of three stations. Throughout our history, we have taken pride in balancing tradition with innovation, and demonstrating a strong commitment in celebrating the past while at the same time looking to the future.

Mission Statement

Provide quality emergency, life safety, and prevention services for our citizens, businesses and visitors, with the highest level of valor, integrity, commitment, teamwork, and community involvement.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Portsmouth Fire Department is to be a recognized leader in the fire service, respected by our citizens for anticipating and responding to their ever changing needs. The department will embrace new technologies and techniques, focusing on training and education to provide the highest level of customer services and satisfaction in a professional and caring manner.


The Portsmouth Fire Department provides fire protection, advanced life support ambulance, fire prevention, hazardous materials response, and special rescue services to the seacoast community of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The department provides these services through a compliment of forty-two firefighters, twelve fire officers, one fire inspector, three chief officers, an executive assistant and an administrative secretary. The Portsmouth Fire Department responds to over 4500 requests for services a year. The types of emergency and community requests consist of medical responses, motor vehicle accidents, structure and vehicle fires, fire alarm activations and services related to weather events such as flooding, lightning strikes and power lines down.

Additional services:

  • Sprinkler and fire alarm permits
  • Burn permit
  • Knox box
  • Dry chemical fire extinguisher disposals
  • Household sharps/needles disposal

What You Can Do

For 95 years, our family has committed to the Legacy of the past and the hope for the future. We want our doors to bring you the same pride, so we offer a robust long-life warranty regardless of geography. We are proud to stand behind our products, and we are excited for you to experience the Fimbel difference. Enjoy our website to help you get to know us and our products better! We look forward to offering you more in a garage door!

Wherever you are, it is likely you will find an organization with similar values protecting and overseeing your community's emergency services. We encourage you to ask the question of "How can I help?" when you see the brave men and women who have our backs. Thank you to all for your service!

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