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We have learned a lot this past year navigating COVID-19. From the importance of hand washing to the need to feel safe in our own homes. With so many unknowns, it became clear how important it was to
value safety above all else. In our family, the first rule of everything is "Safety. Always." This same rule applies to our family business. For 95 years, we have proudly manufactured doors and track set-ups to
provide safety and quality for your sustainable enjoyment.

In recent studies, we learned that 71% of Americans use their garage door as the primary entrance to their home. Considering the busy nature of life today, we can appreciate the wear and tear on the
system. With the various moving parts and the high volume of use, the function of the garage door is clearly essential. This is where quality is critical and awareness is key.

This May, the International Door Association (IDA) is promoting Garage Door Safety Month across the globe. We are truly thankful for the continued information and support the IDA offers us as longtime
members and providers for our Dealers and homeowners. To help you protect your family and your investment, we have gathered some tips to make sure that your garage offers you everything you need
without the headache. It is our honor to pass along their well-thought out insights to keep you and yours safe all year round! 
● Burglars are smarter than you may think! Avoid leaving your garage door open unnecessarily, and make sure you know where the remote is at all times! In the event that your remote is lost,
make sure to clear the codes and have the remotes and keypads reprogrammed. 
● Do you lock your car when it is left in the driveway? If you have your automatic operator linked to your car, a burglar could get in unbeknownst to you. Remembering to lock your car helps to
protect your home!
● Do you use MyQ or a similar app that allows you to open the garage door remotely? If so, be sure your phone and the application are locked securely. an accessible phone in the wrong
hands may give access to the home as well as other private information.
● The convenience of an automatic door is truly a great value; however, in the event of an emergency, such as a power outage, there are two things that will help you gain access to the
garage. The first is making sure there is an emergency release cord within reach and know how to use it. Be sure that it functions properly. Also consider a garage door opener with a battery
backup system to be sure the door can be opened and closed regardless of additional energy sources.
● Keep the garage door opener and remote control out of reach of children. These features are tools - not toys! 

● Your garage door should be regularly inspected for basic function. Please contact a professional installer before performing any significant work on your own.
● Your automatic door is a convenience: It should safely function with ease and without much noise. If the movement of the door is not smooth, you may have an unsafe condition. It is
possible the spring system has become unbalanced and should only be maintained by a trained professional.
● The genius of a garage door opener is its ability to reverse direction. When a descending garage door meets an obstruction, it reverses to avoid it. If your door does not reverse readily after
contacting an obstruction, the opener's sensitivity may need adjustment. See your owner's manual for how to adjust your opener's sensitivity or call a professional.
● Included in the reverse feature is the photoelectric eye system. Installed 4-6" above the garage floor, and the eyes should be facing each other. As the door descends, the photoelectric eyes
will catch any people or animals crossing the light beam. If your opener does not have photoelectric eyes, you may want to call a professional for an upgrade.
● Normal wear and tear may invite some squeaks and noise. As the squeaks and noises present, try a spray-on lubricant (recommended especially for garage doors). If this doesn't resolve the
problem, reach out to a professional to assess the system. This is important because the springs are the most important and dangerous port of the door. Though they should last 5-10 years, it
is important to listen and watch for any issues to avoid catastrophe.
● When a garage door is properly installed, it should be rather quiet in its movements and operation. Any time grinding or scratching sounds present, consider it a red flag to call a


● 20,000 children visit the emergency room each year due to garage door accidents. The wall push button for your garage door opener should be mounted at least 5' above the floor, and out of
the reach of children. Teach kids to never touch the cable and roller areas, even if the door is not in motion. Visit for more information.
● When closing your automatic garage door, always watch the door until it completely closes to make sure no person or animal is pinched between two sections or caught under a closing door.
Remember, never install wall buttons where they can be pushed and operated without clear sight of the door. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality under the safest conditions to offer you superior performance and a garage door with a long and beautiful life. Following these tips will add longevity and security to
your home and convenience and peace of mind to your life. But we know that safety goes beyond the function of the system but also to the integrity of the door. For us, sustainability means more than
environmentally and financially resilient but also durable and beautiful to last its lifetime. Enjoy this blog to learn more about the products we offer!

In most homes, the garage door is typically the largest moving system and is normally used several times a day. Over time, parts can wear out and break - creating potential safety problems. Although we
encourage monthly safety checks – May is Garage Door Safety month and a great time to get a professional installer to check your system. To find a dealer near you, visit our dealer locator!
A HUGE thank you to our Partners at the IDA for sharing this incredible information with us in order to help serve you, our customer!



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