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Essential Services Series


For nearly a century, our family has been honored to support the life saving efforts of our many essential services. Our doors are engineered for function and longevity, and they are designed for beauty. Behind the smooth, high-end look of wood, you can count on more in your door.

Each commercial project we design addresses your project-specific needs and details. We design and build to suit. Our decades of expertise and our use of advanced materials delivers superb doors that are insulated, beautifully rendered, and require minimal maintenance. We are proud to say, "You can count on Fimbel."

Quality: Satisfaction in each aspect.

Safety: Function when you need it most.

Longevity: Admired for years to come.

Standard Commercial:

We offer many options for commercial sectional doors. When you seek safe and reliable operation, energy efficiency, low-maintenance, and absolutely beautiful aesthetics, a Fimbel door is the solution. Our standard commercial products offer quality and durability to give safe passage every time.

Our Steel ISO Dor was originally manufactured for the FDNY and is now available for Fire, EMS, and Police facilities across the nation. Using rugged 20-gauge insulated and laminated steel pans, our doors provide superior strength and energy efficiency. Ideal for heavy industrial and service industry environments. With various options available for your design need, such as passdoors, we are sure this door is tried and true and sure to satisfy.

The AC-50 series is ideal for custom, architectural glass-front applications and a timeless favorite of service stations, vehicle maintenance facilities, and the like. Highly corrosion resistant and energy efficient. This product can also be incorporated as a glazed section into an ISO-DOR as used on the Whitehouse Firestation in Whitehouse Station, NJ (below).

Nestled in our backyard is this incredible Fire and EMS station serving our community and our company. Using white Steel ISO sections and an AC-50 section for the windows, this firehouse with its varied sized openings was able to accommodate each one with uniformity. We are very proud to provide safe passage to their life saving efforts! 

Our family has proudly made garage doors in America since 1924, and sharing that pride is Engine 151 of the FDNY. Very few images conjure a feeling of pride like the American Flag. Located in Staten Island, NY, this firehouse applied a custom after factory finish to our Steel ISO DOR to share their pride with their neighbors. Offered in both red and white, this product allows your independence to shine! 

Estate Collection - Premier Commercial

Fimbel ADS Commercial Carriage House Doors feature our industry-exclusive and Patented construction to Old-World craftsmanship and unmatched beauty to any building. Manufactured from advanced materials that require very low-maintenance and provide enduring good looks, our doors offer innovation and inspiration to bring your designs to life. 

The Estate Collection, truly welcomes the designer in all of us to emerge with the blend between tradition and innovation. Using a hand placed wood frame and nesting in our insulation, we laminate a vinyl back cover and a solid vinyl exterior that encases the face. This slab now becomes a blank slate to bring you more for your door.

Using both ⅜" and ¾" material, Versatex for unfinished doors and Tricoya for finished doors, we have options to add select profiles and nearly limitless designs to satisfy inspiration. These capabilities allow us to build the door in 1" height and width increments. You will see these designs in our Euro-Dor and Presidential Series offering carriage, traditional, and modern styles.

To achieve a more classic carriage look, we offer the Roaring Twenties. This series starts with the same platform yet adds solid, study overlays pocketed (nested) into the face. The pronounced look of this classic style can be modified in myriad ways to satisfy decorative features and historical applications. Each of these series offers incredible longevity and beauty we can all feel good about.

We are very proud of our factory finish and offer it in both standard and custom paint options but also in an array of hand-applied faux stain. The result is the finest finish in the industry and brings a furniture-like finish to exterior architecture. With a strong warranty and compassion for the earth, our paint is an excellent addition to your garage door.

With additional options for the interior of the garage door, you can customize to complement your garage lifestyle. Offering interior backer options for all our doors gives an upgrade to the aesthetics. Our interior grille inserts provide the look of true divided lites and classes up the glass. We don't stop there - powder coated track, robust spring packages, and custom details allow you to make it your own.

One of our favorites is this clever door found in South Amboy, NJ. They had an obstacle. We had the solution! Fire trucks have come a long way over the years, but Historic preservation requires architecture to remain the same. Using innovation and artistry, this SINGLE door has a faux centerpost replicating the original structure while accommodating the Engines of today! Using our innovative techniques, we carved the faux-brick center post and painted the dynamic colors of the brick to ensure the history was preserved while accommodating the life-saving needs of our firefighters!

Another project that we love is found in Coventry, CT. Wanting to combine their town buildings with Fire and EMS in order to share resources and open community opportunities, this project required modernizations that honored the quaint and longstanding history of the area. Adding small windows at approximately 5'10" allows visibility from inside while the doors are closed. Custom tops complete the project! 

They say a picture captures a thousand words and this one below does just that. Our innovation and sustainability make it possible to keep the past alive such as this historic, downtown Portsmouth firehouse that welcomed six black, factory-finished Roaring Twenties to their facade. Our values and products lined up with their needs and navigated their obstacles. When reading this quote from Fire Chief, Todd Germaine, it's impossible not to agree with their mission and feel we are a part of their value: "Throughout our history, we have taken pride in balancing tradition with innovation, and demonstrating a strong commitment in celebrating the past while at the same time looking to the future." (link to quote)

Make it a Fimbel:

When quality, safety, and longevity drive the vision for your commercial projects, you can count on Fimbel to offer you more. From standard to custom and all in between, we pride ourselves in finding solutions to your needs.

All Fimbel products are insulated and engineered for sustainability. The products and processes we design are done to serve you and Mother Earth. We run on solar and give back our extra to the grid. We also plant one tree for each and every door we sell to be sure that future generations can enjoy the bounty and breath of our forests.

Enjoy our online product guide to help you get to know us and our Residential products better, and reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote on your commercial project!

We look forward to offering you more in a garage door! 

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