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2022 Garage Door Trends


We turned the page from 2021 to 2022 wondering where the time went! Wasn't it just December of 2019 as we looked with anticipation at the new decade? While many things have changed, one thing hasn't: The return on investment for a quality garage door leads the list of home renovation products. This is our FIRST TREND to note for 2022.

Remodeler Magazine's annual Cost vs. Value Report presented Garage Door Replacement in the #1 position 3 of the last 4 years.

  • 2021: 93.8% ROI (#1)
  • 2020: 94.5% ROI (#2 behind manufactured stone veneer)
  • 2019: 97.5% ROI (#1)
  • 2018: 98.3% ROI (#1)

It is clear that the world has finally caught on to what we have known all along (at least since 1924 when our Great-Grandfather started our family business): The garage door is a critical aspect of your home for its incredible function, efficiency, and safety, and it also happens to really boost curb appeal which results in a higher value added to your home.

We know that replacing your garage door is a no-brainer for value, but you can see in this report, the numbers really do add up! Right now is the best time to replace your garage door. Not only do we have the highest quality materials, most diverse design opportunities, we also offer you quality, service, and safety to last.

The SECOND TREND we are seeing taking place in the garage is a dedication to safety and security. Protecting the home with an insulated and energy efficient garage door, will support your sustainability and financial goals. But there is more you can do. Installing the modern openers with smart home technology and applications for security lighting controlled through the smart home will bring further confidence. So be sure to talk with your dealer about the options to enhance the safety and security of the garage door through technology offered.

The THIRD TREND is all about design. While Carriage Style doors lead the pack of desired designs, we are seeing more and more modern and glass doors coming down the pipeline. Known for their sleek, simplistic aesthetics that tend to blend both durability and beauty, homeowners are complementing their homes with bold window designs, geometric attributes, diverse colors, and architectural features in the garage door. This trend is promoted by the increased number of purposes people are finding for their garage space and craving the function and the fashion for their door.

Modern Garage Doors 

Euro-Dor Series - Modern Style with staggered lites and custom glass and hand-applied faux stain

Modern garage doors are sleek and alluring with their clean geometric lines, simple proportions, and stylish glass, and they truly add to your home's motif when paired appropriately. This style is descended from international architectural styles, which were developed in the 1920s and 30's and spanned through the latter part of the 1900's with the architectural brilliance of designers like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Due to our process for manufacturing, we are able to add windows and designs to nearly any placement and in any shape you wish to compliment your home as seen in the featured image of a Modern Euro-Dor. Adding glass into your unique preference, whether frosted or otherwise obscured, can control the level of light and privacy in your garage. Selecting the right paint or stain color will complete the look for your updated exterior!

Carriage Style Doors 

Roaring Twenties Series - Carriage Style RT11A Hartford Design with decorative hardware and Cashmere factory finish

Carriage style doors are as timeless as Bette Davis and Greta Garbo's smiles and still as beloved today.

In 1923 C.J. Johnson patented the overhead door that quickly replaced swing style doors on garages across the United States welcoming the Model-T Fords to roll right in. The production of doors that swing up and over the head versus out into the driveway changed life at the time, but we held on to the gorgeous appearance.

One of the predominant features found on a classic American carriage style door are the big windows. This highlight of the product is one to truly make it stand out. Where many others use window inserts or have to joint the pieces together, our tops are made of solid, one-piece vinyl material. This means the entire face of the top, or grille as it is referred to, is one quality sheet of carved material with no joints or inserts to truly replicate the look of wood.

You will often find decorative hardware adorning the face of many carriage style doors. Original swing doors would have straps and hinges to secure them to the frame and provide strength to the structure. They would also have handles at the center to allow the doors to be pulled open. Adding this element to today's overhead doors gives authenticity to the door and complements many homes; however, this feature is not required to allow the beauty of a carriage style door to add impact to any home.

Traditional Garage Doors

Euro-Dor Raised Panel Series - Long panel sections with sunray top design and hand applied faux stain

Traditional raised panel doors are iconic in the garage door industry. When the roll-former was introduced to manufacturers across the country, the opportunity to mass produce with repeatability became a reality. You know these doors. You have seen them since you were a kid, and they served the market well for a long time.

The long and short panels offer symmetry and accommodate nearly any opening. The style presents the appearance of the frame and panel construction used by millworkers for cabinets and furniture. The result is the illusion that a floating panel sits inside the frame except we run the look on one full sheet of composite material. Similarly the recessed panel door is equally as timeless showcasing the pronounced frame with a slightly more shallow, or depressed, panel.

Both styles offer a standard look meant to comply with nearly any design style, but if your home or project has personality beyond Traditional, we have many options for you!

Design your Door

Every Fimbel door we make is uniquely crafted for you. Our doors come in a range of styles and price points with capabilities for customizations to satisfy your design desires. Using multiple design patents with materials and processes engineered for beauty and durability, we offer you more.

It starts with the material and the construction.

  • Vinyl - BEST: Offers beauty, durability, and design flexibility with the look of painted wood but is weather-resistant, so it will not rot, split, or crack like wood. It is virtually maintenance-free and comes naturally white.
  • Wood Composite - BETTER: Has the look and design flexibility of wood or vinyl, but unlike wood it does not require maintenance. Requires initial finishing but can be painted or faux stained regardless of exposure to head and the environment. It will not rot, split, crack, or rust.
  • Both of these options are constructed using a wood frame, insulation, vinyl backcover, and the composite material on the face. This leaves the complete section encased in protective, durable material that is engineered to last.
  • Vinyl-Coated Steel - BETTER: Smooth, natural white finish offers exceptional beauty and options for paint or faux stain finishing. Budget-friendly with many of the benefits of vinyl and steel combined. Weather resistant, durable, dent-resistant, will not rot, split, crack, or rust. This material is then insulated with a vinyl backcover for sustainability.

Using your unique design perspective, ambition, and talent, we offer you the opportunity to complete your vision with the quality and capabilities needed to truly round out your final project. Our doors allow you to capture architectural features used in original period designs or contemporary trends. For example, your windows can be nearly any configuration, any design, and nearly any location to tie features through the home to the garage door! You can accommodate any opening by customizing in 1" height and width increments or matching an uneven floor with a scribed bottom. The face of the door is fully customizable whether it's adding logos and routed designs to geometric shapes and windows to waves or anchors - you name it!

Fimbel Finishing

As you dream of your door coming to life, don't forget to consider your options. The color trends for '22 are calling for warm neutrals, moody blacks and charcoals, and diverse greens, and we can do it all. We are very proud of our factory finish and offer it in both standard and custom paint options but also in an array of hand-applied faux stains. The result is the finest finish in the industry and brings a furniture-like finish to exterior architecture. With a strong warranty and compassion for the earth, our paint is an excellent addition to your garage door.

Using heat-reflective high-performance paint, all Factory Finished products will be delivered with a clean finish to last! While most of our products do not require finishing and may remain natural white, adding color to your project can add the wow-factor that you are after! Our vast and ever-expanding color palette includes blacks, charcoals and dark greens as well as faux stains to truly replicate the look of wood without the maintenance. With solutions for replacement of damaged sections to navigating tough exposures to Do-It-Yourself options, our finish will brighten up your home and increase durability. To read more about it, enjoy this blog.

Before you Commit

A few things to consider as you finalize your color decision (from our previous Blog called "Opening Doors to Color Your World"):

  1. Your entry door is the focal point of your home. You do not have to match it! Do your best to complement it. Focus on matching the quality and design not the color.
  2. The garage door color works best on many homes when it is coordinated to the details of the home: the siding, the windows, the trim.
  3. If the overall design of the home is unique, we invite to think beyond standard doors and make it your own.
  4. While the garage can consume 30% of a home's frontage, the garage door should add to the overall feel - not stick out like a sore thumb. We offer a lot of options to make it unique without making it outlandish!
  5. Be sure you understand the material of the garage door. We know that vinyl can respond to extreme temperatures unfavorably when in dark colors. Be sure you have the right paint product on the right material (again, no worries here for us, because we offer you more).
  6. If you cannot decide on a color, a natural white finish is a tried and true solution! With our product and our ability to offer you the DIY kits, so you can change your mind down the road.
  7. Do you plan to sell your home anytime soon? If so, consider what a potential buyer might want for their garage door! In this case, purchasing a garage door with the after factory option of our DIY kits may be the solution.

Let's do it!

Read more about our American Legends Series and our Estate Collection Series to find your perfect door!

In the world of Fimbel, we do not believe in many limitations. We believe that if you can dream it, we can make it. What makes us different is that we build doors that last, reduce impact on the earth, and require very low maintenance and increased durability allowing you peace of mind. We have the best warranty on the market because we stand behind the product we make. We look forward to seeing your creativity and being able to give you a More in a Garage.

Why wait to bring your new doors home!

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