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Meet the Fimbel Family

With almost 100 years of manufacturing and engineering excellence, our four-generation family
business has been a recognized leader and innovator in the garage door industry. Since our humble
beginnings in Hillside, NJ when we started producing doors for The Overhead Door Company, to our
manufacturing facilities today, Fimbel Architectural Doors has earned a reputation for quality and design
excellence. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, carriage style or modern design, Historic
restoration or new application, we can create the perfect garage door experience for you.
In 1924, 10 years after Ford's first moving assembly line came to life, Edward Fimbel, Sr. purchased the
very first franchise from the inventor of the overhead garage door. Then known as the Overhead Door

Company of Hillside, he built a business and a legacy on craftsmanship and quality. 

Image: Three “E. Fimbel Presidents” of Fimbel Manufacturing: Erin Fimbel, Ed Fimbel III, Ed Fimbel Jr.
The company moved to modern facilities in Whitehouse Station, NJ in 1969 where we still operate today
as. In this location, Edward Fimbel, Jr. lead the company through decades of cultural and political
turmoil, and at the age of 95, he remains a staple in the office and as a resource. To learn more about

our origins, check out this article.

Image: Paul Fimbel (brother; aged 102) and Ed Fimbel Jr. in 2016.

 In 2004, Edward Fimbel III foresaw the increase in popularity of carriage doors and founded Fimbel

Architectural Door Specialties manufacturing patented doors from composite materials and continuing
the commercial product line with a more focused product offering.  Thanks to the creativity and wealth
of knowledge he possesses, there are now many collections of beautiful, virtually maintenance free, and
sustainable garage doors continuing the family tradition.
As Ed transitions to retirement, he will continue to be involved with Fimbel new product development
on a limited basis in 2021. Ed looks forward to turning his attention to some of his other passions,
including activities as an amateur archeologist working with the Flemington Historical Society dating
artifacts and curating educational exhibits. During his leisure time he also expects to be spending more
time with his wife, grandchildren and three siblings, as well as sharpening his skills at skiing, tennis, and
Image: Ed Fimbel III, traveling in Africa in 2019.

Today, Erin Fimbel and Michaela Birdyshaw, Ed Fimbel III's daughters have taken the company to the
next level despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With focus on continuous improvement and
growth, they are carrying on the family traditions and bringing today's business mind to the table.

Image: Erin Fimbel, Ed Fimbel III, and Michaela Birdyshaw (really - it’s a proud dad and his daughters at Christmas 2019).

Erin, as President of Fimbel ADS, has grown through the ranks to this position with grace and dedication.
She was quoted once saying, ""It is important to both embrace and challenge tradition," and she has
done so with grace and determination.
Her willingness to listen, to adapt, and to grow has been a true asset to the company and beyond. Her
passion for the industry has brought her to board positions for both the Professional Door Association of
New England and the International Door Association where she serves on several committees.
Erin's love of dogs has become a staple for the business. "My foster pups often come to work with me",
said Erin. "The team loves our four-legged additions to the family. They interact, walk, play, and love our
fosters as well as help promote and find them homes." It is a friendly, furry reminder to lead with
compassion and discipline to attain your goals!
Michaela, as Vice President of Marketing, left the classroom as a high school teacher and headed to the
family conference room as the Office Manager. Today, she shares her excitement for words and
creativity and people through any open channel which helps to breed a family, fun, and effective culture
both within the company and with our network and partners.
What we share as a family goes well beyond the business and into all parts of our life. Our shared love of
Mother Earth is exemplified by our dedication to green manufacturing with solar panels, eco-friendly
materials, and so much more. Our pride for the past and hope for the future hold us accountable to one

another, our team, and our partners. Our joy for life is present always - despite the trials and tribulations
we all face. Our commitment to safety is seen everywhere in and out of our business. Our dedication to
quality is a guiding light. Our people are the heart and soul of all that we are, and it shows in the
teamwork and dedication shown. All of this becomes a piece in the puzzle of our incredible products.

Image: Employee wall at the Whitehouse, NJ factory.
Our ability to design and engineer custom applications makes us a favorite among architects and design-
build firms. We make the Fimbel ADS's engineering department available to provide insights and
inspiration to architects and engineers seeking to solve a tough challenge or simply needing to design a

completely unique door from advanced materials. Enjoy a quick, informal 'tour' of our showroom.

Image: Euro-Dor styles shown (top left to right) Modern Flush design, sectional and swing doors, (bottom left to right) sections and swing doors with decorative hardware, faux stain, and Euro Raised Panel with custom top.
In 1924, traditions began. The world meets the first ever Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France, and our
family meets the world. Our commitment remains to that time-honored tradition today. We will design
and build your door using low-maintenance, energy efficient materials, manufactured in a sustainable
way because we know the past is what got us here, and the future depends upon our good choices. We

look forward to our family working with your family to create something truly special.

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