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For 95 years, our family owned, woman-run company has maintained its commitment to quality. We are proud our doors blend creativity and technology to bring lasting beauty and support our mission for sustainability. Behind the smooth, high end look of wood, we use composite materials from partners who share our values to provide an affordable, customizable garage door to increase the value and satisfaction in your home. Fimbel doors are durable to stand the test of time and low-maintenance to add time to your lifestyle. Residential or Commercial. Carriage Style to Modern Design. Historic Restoration or New Build. We offer you more in a garage door.

Essentially, we make two products – two platforms upon which you can design away! 

Our first construction platform offers carriage and traditional styles using a vinyl clad steel pan and applying vinyl overlays to create the look of a classic wood door. This door is exceptional for two main reasons - the first is the platform (pan) made of a smooth, steel base created for the elements that we coat (clad) in a thin layer of crisp, white vinyl. This innovation allows for the American Legends series to live nearly anywhere, even near the ocean, without rusting and rotting away in the elements. The second is the addition of our smooth, solid overlays made of sustainable material. Separating ourselves from the competition's fake wood grain completes the constructed look to appear as real, painted, traditional wood. Both features ensure the longevity our ethics demand of us, the look we all crave, and a price point sure to please.

Our second construction platform, the Estate Collection, truly welcomes the designer in all of us to emerge with the blend between tradition and innovation. Using a hand placed wood frame and nesting in our insulation, we laminate a vinyl back cover and a solid vinyl exterior that encases the face. This slab now becomes a blank slate to bring you more for your door.

We are proud to feature six of our projects that showcase some of our many capabilities!

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2019 This Old House Idea House; New Canaan, CT

Product: Custom Roaring Twenties 

The 2019 Idea House featured the restoration of the facade of an 1880s Greek Revival. Karp Associates and CAH Architects married old with new to accommodate the legacy of the home and allow for modern aspirations. To complement the restored window sashes on the front of the home, the Charleston design was chosen for the style, size and complementing interior grille.

For more information on this project, please enjoy our recent blog post, or check out the official link from This Old House!


Historic Engine 55, Fire Dept. of New York, NY

Product: Custom Presidential 

Engine 55's beautiful three-story firehouse, built in 1889, was designed by R.H. Robertson. The original doors were wooden swing-out carriage doors – intricately made and adorned with wrought iron. To match the original spec, as required by landmarks, a combination of innovative technology, advanced materials, craftsmanship and artistry was required with a custom finish.

For more information and details on this project, enjoy this blog that identifies our relationship with the FDNY and the customizations we offer!


Wavehaus; Northport, NY by Charles D'Allesio

Product: Custom Euro-Dor 

The architect, who built the structure with a nautical theme, curving fiberglass and masonry sides, along with a wall of glass facing the Long Island Sound, says he likes to think of it as a giant suspended wave. He wanted the durability of nature with the comforts of home, and its seashell-like strength was demonstrated during superstorm Sandy.

We found this article really helpful when looking into the details of this home! Enjoy this article from Newsday!


Waterside Home; Westerly, RI

Product: Custom American Legends 

Living on the shores of Rhode Island, this homeowner saw a neighbor's home using lattice to create a wall to enclose the parking area for their vehicles and boats. He loved the idea but wanted something more durable – more beautiful – more transitional. Tapping our capabilities; we used the American Legends Platform and added ¾" Versatex in a lattice design.

We love this project because our dealer understood the needs of our customer and the opportunity found in all of our products. Using innovation and technology, we brought quality and sustainability to an active lifestyle along the water.

What design limitation is standing in your way of satisfaction? We encourage you to think beyond the door and see how it serves to bring more joy to your life!


Modern Design, Long Island, NY

Product: Custom Euro-Dor 

For this project, the homeowner wanted to replace the standard garage door with a modern complement to the home's architectural design. Using our Liberty Collection platform, we reorganized the window layout and had a custom stain applied. The result is the look of individual planks of wood compiled into a four-section overhead door.

While the design of the door is rather simple, the impact is gigantic. The consistency of the faux stain and the quality of the windows adds satisfaction that will last. What design element or architectural feature can we help you enhance?


Cleo's Coastal Retreat, Jamestown, RI

Product: Half Door - American Legends Garage Doors (3) - Roaring Twenties

Tucked into the coastal town of Jamestown, Rhode Island, this adorable retreat features sprawling views of the water's edge while offering poolside service through the half-door on the pool house. The home's garage hides toys, allowing the owners to enjoy the vast scenery.

This project combines the customary appeal of our Roaring Twenties traditional carriage style doors as well as the innovation in the half door. Allowing both products to live comfortably with a full warranty so close to the ocean means the homeowner's will enjoy our doors for years to come!

Get Excited With Us!

We are proud that our doors do more than bring beauty that lasts. They also support our mission for sustainability. Behind the smooth, high end look of wood, we use composite materials made from partners who value the earth as much as we do. Our doors are durable to stand the test of time as well as low-maintenance to add time to your lifestyle.

All Fimbel products are insulated and engineered for sustainability. The products and processes we design are done to serve you and Mother Earth. We run on solar and give back our extra to the grid. We also plant one tree for each and every door we sell to be sure that future generations can enjoy the bounty and breath of our forests.

Enjoy our online product guide to help you get to know us and our products better! We look forward to offering you more in a garage door! To find a dealer near you, please visit our dealer locator! 

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