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One Door - One Tree


One family value that drives who we are is a shared respect for and devotion to the earth and its beings – human and animal. This core value is seen today in our commitment to reducing our footprint as we honor the past and move to the future. To sustain this balance, our focus is all about quality and safety. These two measures are applied to not only the products we manufacture, but the processes and people involved. Our priorities are clear: supporting the environment, our global and local community, our team members, and our partners. Each of these priorities drives us to succeed only to the betterment of all.

Going Green is more than a slogan:

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted (501c3) we do our part to restore our generous forests and our planet. It is undeniable that mother nature's bounty has provided for the garage door industry and our family since we both began manufacturing overhead doors in the early 1920's. Today, every single door sold by Fimbel Architectural Doors plants a tree through the hard work and commitment of our tree-loving partners. Together, we hope to make the world more beautiful and sustainable one door and one tree at a time.

At the end of the day, we love going Green! From our strategy for logistics to the fact that we run on SOLAR and pass along our unused power back to the grid. We conserve on single use plastics, convert practices to paperless, purchase compostable products when single use is necessary, and so much more. 

We know we cannot change the world with only a door, but we can challenge how we operate to make the world a healthier place. We do this with a focus to improve efficiency to reduce supply chain demand, retain and empower our Team, and build stronger communities. Our quality allows us to get it right the first time because our goal is to pave the way for the next generation.

We can always do more:

Because we know that planting trees to rehabilitate our forests is only one way to help the earth heal, we also back our donations with our efforts. We built an energy smart manufacturing process to endure and to save. For example, because of our processes and commitment to sustainability, our product results in honest and verified R-Values ranging from 8.12-13.12. This allows a reduction in wasted energy especially when combined with an energy efficient garage.

Our quality insulation serves to reduce negative energy consumption, and our windload package allows our doors to withstand extreme winds and provide a safer community by enhancing the stability of the garage.

Image: Presidential Series PR14A Monroe

 Our products are all low-maintenance resulting in a rather stress free ongoing relationship. They are easy to clean with gentle soap and water or perhaps Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are needed for stubborn spots. All Fimbel doors are made to be naturally unfinished and virtually maintenance free which reduces processes and requirements for harsh chemicals and finishes. When you do choose to finish our products, our water based and eco-friendly paints bring beauty and peace of mind!

All of these decisions are made to support our internal efficiency drive which will reduce our contribution to the landfills and our precious waterways. Our goal is to conserve resources in how we function, how the supply chain is managed, and how the door will continue our efforts when it becomes yours.

In our day to day operations, we make both big and small decisions to continue the efforts of our partnership with One Tree planted. Most notably, we run on solar, and we pass along our extra collected energy. We initiated this many years ago when it became clear we had to do more than manage our robust recycling program, reduce our logistics, and purchase sustainable supplies and goods. With our solar program, we are reminded daily to make good decisions. 

About One Tree Planted:

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now." – Darrell Putman.

We cannot look at this and say we are late to the game: We must look at this and say what else can we do? We partnered with One Tree Planted to do our part to restore our generous forests and our planet. Together, we hope to make the world more beautiful and long lasting one door and one tree at a time. To learn more, visit

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Fall Garage Door Maintenance: Hire a Pro

blog-feature---interior-maintenance American Legends interior

During the COVID quarantine of 2020, you may be among the masses who took a deep dive into the home improvement projects that have stock-piled during our regularly scheduled lives. From painting rooms to planting seeds, we kept our local home improvement stores busy!

Maintaining operations as an essential business throughout, we also heard the stories from our dealers about homeowners revamping their garages. While we fully support the desire to DIY, we urge caution when it comes to the garage door. If you are eager for the reorganization of your garage, please visit our Pinterest page for lots of ideas (it's possible I may be an organization fanatic), but if you need your garage door serviced or replaced, we have some tips for you!

1. Safety First

In our organization, safety is our guiding light. All of our decisions must first pass through the net of safety. If it isn't doesn't happen. With this mindset, we encourage you to hire a professional for your garage door needs. While regular maintenance can be handled at home, such as the checking of the photo-eyes or confirming the track is lubed, when it comes to springs, track, and the sections, finding a pro is key.

While many feel the installation of a garage door simply couldn't be rocket science, we have to disagree. We work with many experienced professionals who will share stories told to them of hands being crushed between sections, fingers being lost when a spring is wound too tight, and whole sections being damaged beyond repair when they fall out of the opening. All of these occurrences are avoidable when done by a professional.

2. Not all openings are created equal

There is a good chance, if you have a newer home, that the opening of your garage door will either be 8' x 7' or 9' x 8' if you have a single door or 16' x 8' for a double door. For the most part this is easy when the opening is standard. What gets complicated if there are any imperfections in the level of the floor, the room above the door, and the area designated for the track. Any limitations here may require special set-ups or perhaps a special door.

To be sure your door moves safely, quietly, and consistently, the right tracks, springs, door sections, and operator will be necessary. A professional will be able to assess and prescribe the correct combination for your project. If there are questions, our engineers are standing by to help resolve issues and find solutions!

3. Experience brings efficiency

In a perfect world, life runs smoothly - like clockwork. But we know the world is not a perfect one. During most garage door installations, some aspects of the install may need adjusting. From snipping bottom rubber to accommodate hardware, clipping extra length of bar off the operator in a low ceiling garage to avoid hitting the car, or replacing angle iron to secure the install. Additionally, most installations require working with electricity which should always demand a professional.

Many of these on-site obstacles require the tools and materials to navigate without delaying the install. When the installer is prepared, you can be sure the efficiency (and cost) of the job remains on point.

4. Know when to repair and when to replace

We know it's not always clear when to replace or when to repair. Making this decision on your own may prove fatal. If you have concerns about the state of your door, please call a professional if any of these 'symptoms' occur:

  • It reverses direction
  • It's slow to open
  • It closes or opens by itself
  • You can see track misalignment
  • It makes strange noises
  • It has temperature inconsistencies
  • It's warped or weather damaged in some way

5. Warranties are your friend

Most garage doors and installations come with a warranty; however, most will be voided if repairs are attempted by the homeworner. In most cases, the installer will offer a service agreement during the warranty period, and the manufacturer will offer a warranty as well. Maintaining this coverage can truly help you maintain the life and safety of your garage door investment.

Find the Right Pro

When you seek out the professional to service or sell you your garage door, we encourage you to ask a lot of questions to vet out the right partner for your project.

      What company reviews are available?

What service packages are included with the installation?

What warranty comes with the installation and the parts?

Does the installer offer a satisfaction guarantee?

What can be done in advance of the installation to prepare?

How long has the company been in business?

How much experience does the installer have?

Are they licensed and insured?

When you attempt the repair or replacement of your garage door, you may end up lucky and only endure some frustrations and added finances, but we caution you as the risks may prove far more damaging. At Fimbel ADS, we have nearly a century of experience to help us guide you through the journey. Our doors are constructed to last, and we strive for your safety and satisfaction.

To find a dealer, please head to our website!

To learn more about our products please visit our Instagram page @FimbelADS. Follow along for more tips and beauty shots! 

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Fall for Fimbel Finishing

blog-feature---McLaughlin-stain-doors EU 504 Brussels with V-Grooves and Faux Stain. Photo: Timothy Flemington Photography for McLaughlin Construction
For nearly a century, our family has manufactured garage doors, and in that time, we have learned a great deal about the industry through our partners, products, and passions. Today, we
are proud to package with our environmentally friendly garage doors a paint and faux stain coating that will endure the elements using molecular bonded paint to stand the test of time.

Using D200 High performance finish with our proprietary system, all Factory Finished products will be delivered with a clean finish to last! While most of our products do not require finishing
and may remain natural white Versatex, adding color to your project can add the wow-factor that we are after! Our vast and ever-expanding color palette includes blacks, charcoals, and dark
greens as well as faux stains to truly replicate the look of wood without the maintenance. With solutions for replacement of damaged sections to black paint in tough exposures, we are sure
our finishing options will satisfy you with beauty and durability!

Almost as many colors as the Fall Foliage

The finishing program offers myriad options to satisfy the needs of your project. From solid colors covering the entire door or perhaps used in a two-tone application, we offer custom color matching in addition to our extensive standard offerings. 

Roaring Twenties RT11A St. Louis with V-Grooves and Factory Finish in a custom color

The magic of this paint system is the versatility to allow us to create our faux stain! Using a two part process of the same paint we use to coat our doors, our team of Artisans use their trained
hands to apply first the grain design and then the top coat offering the final overall richness of color. The result of this process allows us to increase grain depth or decrease it as needed as well as custom color match to your desired finish. 

Euro Dor Traditional Raised Panel GR24 Long Panel with custom Faux Finish

Love in Every Door!

Fimbel doors are hand crafted and every detail perfected from our patented construction through the processes all the way to our logistics operations, so it's no doubt we apply this
same level of quality to our finishing. You can count on an Architectural coating with a cabinet finish unseen in other exterior applications. The detail applied to the multiple applications to
achieve this look is engineered for the strongest adhesion and cleanest finish. 

We know that vinyl garage doors tend to respond adversely to the extreme temperature and weather conditions they face. This began as an obstacle that has since turned into an
opportunity. While our VERSATEX PVC doors are crafted to remain in their natural white, we found a solution to the projects requiring dark colors in tough exposures. Using Tricoya and our
proprietary finish system, we have not yet found a stain or a color request we couldn't satisfy!
Roaring Twenties RT11S Detroit with V-Grooves and Black Factory Finish

We Love our Planet!

Our factory finish, made with D200 High performance paint, is an exterior waterborne coating system designed for sustainability and aesthetics. It's extremely fast air dry and quick clean up
offers efficient processes for in-factory and DIY finishing. Additionally it is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors and is considered non-hazardous by
EPA standards allowing for the vast color options in our palette. Above all else, D200 exceeds all environmental and performance standards, and the result is absolutely stunning!

Highlights of our Finishing System:

Using our application, we deliver a cabinet-like finish
Long lasting for continued satisfaction
Custom color matching available
Water-based coating
Safe, odorless, and non-toxic
Passes test requirements for AAMA615 (Organic Coatings on Plastic Substrates)
Low heat absorption due to heat reflectant pigments
Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance
Excellent elasticity can withstand thermal expansion
Excellent impact resistance

Environmental Advantages:

Lead and chromate free
Roaring Twenties RT11A Hartford with single arch and Cashmere Factory Finish

You Will Love Your Door!

Our paint and faux stain options will blow your mind! With this paint system, we are able to offer you all the benefits and beauty of real wood without the regular maintenance. The finish has a
warranty of 15 years for adhesion, cracking, peeling, and reasonable fading. Additionally, this product can be refinished as time and trends roll on. Add all of these benefits to the long
standing quality of our garage doors, and you will be sure to find satisfaction.

If you are looking for a little color inspiration, please enjoy our recent blog on 2021 Exterior Color Trends.

For more details and to take a peek at our standard paint and stain offerings, visit our website at
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Meet the Fimbel Family

With almost 100 years of manufacturing and engineering excellence, our four-generation family
business has been a recognized leader and innovator in the garage door industry. Since our humble
beginnings in Hillside, NJ when we started producing doors for The Overhead Door Company, to our
manufacturing facilities today, Fimbel Architectural Doors has earned a reputation for quality and design
excellence. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, carriage style or modern design, Historic
restoration or new application, we can create the perfect garage door experience for you.
In 1924, 10 years after Ford's first moving assembly line came to life, Edward Fimbel, Sr. purchased the
very first franchise from the inventor of the overhead garage door. Then known as the Overhead Door

Company of Hillside, he built a business and a legacy on craftsmanship and quality. 

Image: Three “E. Fimbel Presidents” of Fimbel Manufacturing: Erin Fimbel, Ed Fimbel III, Ed Fimbel Jr.
The company moved to modern facilities in Whitehouse Station, NJ in 1969 where we still operate today
as. In this location, Edward Fimbel, Jr. lead the company through decades of cultural and political
turmoil, and at the age of 95, he remains a staple in the office and as a resource. To learn more about

our origins, check out this article.

Image: Paul Fimbel (brother; aged 102) and Ed Fimbel Jr. in 2016.

 In 2004, Edward Fimbel III foresaw the increase in popularity of carriage doors and founded Fimbel

Architectural Door Specialties manufacturing patented doors from composite materials and continuing
the commercial product line with a more focused product offering.  Thanks to the creativity and wealth
of knowledge he possesses, there are now many collections of beautiful, virtually maintenance free, and
sustainable garage doors continuing the family tradition.
As Ed transitions to retirement, he will continue to be involved with Fimbel new product development
on a limited basis in 2021. Ed looks forward to turning his attention to some of his other passions,
including activities as an amateur archeologist working with the Flemington Historical Society dating
artifacts and curating educational exhibits. During his leisure time he also expects to be spending more
time with his wife, grandchildren and three siblings, as well as sharpening his skills at skiing, tennis, and
Image: Ed Fimbel III, traveling in Africa in 2019.

Today, Erin Fimbel and Michaela Birdyshaw, Ed Fimbel III's daughters have taken the company to the
next level despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With focus on continuous improvement and
growth, they are carrying on the family traditions and bringing today's business mind to the table.

Image: Erin Fimbel, Ed Fimbel III, and Michaela Birdyshaw (really - it’s a proud dad and his daughters at Christmas 2019).

Erin, as President of Fimbel ADS, has grown through the ranks to this position with grace and dedication.
She was quoted once saying, ""It is important to both embrace and challenge tradition," and she has
done so with grace and determination.
Her willingness to listen, to adapt, and to grow has been a true asset to the company and beyond. Her
passion for the industry has brought her to board positions for both the Professional Door Association of
New England and the International Door Association where she serves on several committees.
Erin's love of dogs has become a staple for the business. "My foster pups often come to work with me",
said Erin. "The team loves our four-legged additions to the family. They interact, walk, play, and love our
fosters as well as help promote and find them homes." It is a friendly, furry reminder to lead with
compassion and discipline to attain your goals!
Michaela, as Vice President of Marketing, left the classroom as a high school teacher and headed to the
family conference room as the Office Manager. Today, she shares her excitement for words and
creativity and people through any open channel which helps to breed a family, fun, and effective culture
both within the company and with our network and partners.
What we share as a family goes well beyond the business and into all parts of our life. Our shared love of
Mother Earth is exemplified by our dedication to green manufacturing with solar panels, eco-friendly
materials, and so much more. Our pride for the past and hope for the future hold us accountable to one

another, our team, and our partners. Our joy for life is present always - despite the trials and tribulations
we all face. Our commitment to safety is seen everywhere in and out of our business. Our dedication to
quality is a guiding light. Our people are the heart and soul of all that we are, and it shows in the
teamwork and dedication shown. All of this becomes a piece in the puzzle of our incredible products.

Image: Employee wall at the Whitehouse, NJ factory.
Our ability to design and engineer custom applications makes us a favorite among architects and design-
build firms. We make the Fimbel ADS's engineering department available to provide insights and
inspiration to architects and engineers seeking to solve a tough challenge or simply needing to design a

completely unique door from advanced materials. Enjoy a quick, informal 'tour' of our showroom.

Image: Euro-Dor styles shown (top left to right) Modern Flush design, sectional and swing doors, (bottom left to right) sections and swing doors with decorative hardware, faux stain, and Euro Raised Panel with custom top.
In 1924, traditions began. The world meets the first ever Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France, and our
family meets the world. Our commitment remains to that time-honored tradition today. We will design
and build your door using low-maintenance, energy efficient materials, manufactured in a sustainable
way because we know the past is what got us here, and the future depends upon our good choices. We

look forward to our family working with your family to create something truly special.

Find a Dealer near you! 

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Design your Door in Six Easy Steps


Are you ready to replace your existing garage door? Or are you designing and building your dream garage? Have you been overwhelmed with how to find the right one? We make it easy because what we make is designed for you, your home, and your satisfaction. 

With almost 100 years of manufacturing and engineering excellence, our four-generation family business has been a recognized leader and innovator in the garage door industry. Since our humble beginnings in Hillside, NJ, when we started producing doors for The Overhead Door Company, to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities today, Fimbel Architectural Door has earned a reputation for quality and design excellence.

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, carriage style or modern design, historic restoration or new application, we can create the perfect garage door experience for you. We will design and build your door using low-maintenance, energy-efficient materials, manufactured in a sustainable way. 

When we build, we build for beauty and durability that will last because we care about your satisfaction as well as our environment. From our processes to our products, we reduce, reuse, and recycle everything we can. We run on solar, and we love to help reduce your overall maintenance efforts and costs.

Consider the longevity of the door by inquiring about the maintenance required. We believe a low-maintenance lifestyle is the way to go, so we build for ease and confidence. It is also valuable to understand what happens if a section is damaged and needs to be replaced. Many manufacturers without the details we have often cannot replace a single section requiring the purchase of a new door. With few exceptions, we think that is bogus! If you need a replacement section, we will gladly work with you to make it right (note: our hand applied faux stain may not be that easy as it is custom artistry, so we may need another section to match it).

We are so confident in our products that we offer you a robust warranty regardless of geography or design. You can rest well knowing our family has your back for years to come!

Ready to dig in? Here are six easy steps to help you through the journey to your garage door!

For more information behind these steps, please visit our website, but here is the gist to get your gears turning!

Step 1: What's Behind the Door?

How do you want to use your garage? Like 71% of Americans, will the garage door be the primary entrance to the home? Do you live an active lifestyle (snowmobiles, ATVs, golf carts, boats)? Establishing the lifestyle you want to enjoy will help you determine the garage needs. If it will be a living space or man-cave, designing the door with insulation is key. If it is a workspace, lighting will be important. For car lifts and home gyms, hi-lift track might be needed!

Whatever the relationship is with your garage, choosing the right door can make all the difference!

Step 2: Determine Your Budget

Having a budget helps your sales representative guide recommendations. A few things to consider as you approach the project are:

  • Expect to pay more for insulated garage doors, double doors, or custom sizes and designs.
  • Higher quality materials and manufacturing processes can influence a budget.
  • Low-maintenance materials and processes are engineered to bring convenience to your life by requiring less of you, but these higher grade products may influence the budget.
  • Stain and paint options are readily available as an upgrade.
  • The Insulated Glass Package for an insulated or heated garage may be needed depending on how you want to use the garage space.

Step 3:Pick Your Garage Door Material (FOR RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS)

Your material will impact budget, appearance/style options, longevity, durability and annual maintenance.

  • Vinyl - BEST: Offers beauty, durability, and design flexibility with the look of painted wood but is weather-resistant, so it will not rot, split, or crack like wood. It is virtually maintenance-free and comes naturally white.
  • Wood Composite - BETTER: Has the look and design flexibility of wood or vinyl, but unlike wood it does not require maintenance. Requires initial finishing but can be painted or faux stained regardless of exposure to head and the environment. It will not rot, split, crack, or rust.
  • Vinyl-Coated Steel - BETTER: Smooth, natural white finish offers exceptional beauty and options for paint or faux stain finishing. Budget-friendly with many of the benefits of vinyl and steel combined. Weather resistant, durable, dent-resistant, will not rot, split, crack, or rust.
  • Wood - GOOD: Beautiful when new but requires ongoing maintenance to remain in good condition and to avoid rotting, splitting, or cracking. Can be painted or stained and provides many design options. Wood doors are the original overhead door.
  • Stamped Steel - GOOD: A lower-cost alternative but does not have the curb appeal of other options. Limited in style options. Little to no maintenance required but is prone to corrosion, rust, and denting, leading to a shorter life-cycle. Can be finished.

We choose Versatex as our Vinyl (unfinished doors in the Estate Collection), Vinyl Coated Steel (for our American Legends Series), and Tricoya as our Wood Composite (finished doors in all series) based on the tried and true benefits of each product. These materials offer ease and confidence to our processes and your experience. 

Step 4: Overcome Environmental Considerations

It is clear that Mother Nature is on a rampage, and we aim to keep her out of your garage and home; however, we also want to protect and preserve her. Purchasing a Fimbel Door will bring you that confidence. From our partnership with One Tree Planted to our processes to our products, we reduce, reuse, renourish, and recycle everything we can, but our doors are engineered to withstand what life and the environment throw at them. Choosing the right material and the right construction is key to a door that can endure the unknown of our environmental conditions.

Step 5: Choose Your Design and Options

Every Fimbel door we make is uniquely crafted for you. Our doors come in a range of styles and price points with capabilities for customizations to satisfy your design desires. Using multiple design patents with materials and processes engineered for beauty and durability, we offer you more. Residential or Commercial. Carriage Style to Modern Design. Historic Restoration or New Build. Our doors satisfy the need.

Using your unique design perspective, ambition, and talent, we offer you the opportunity to complete your vision with the quality and capabilities needed to truly round out your final project. Our doors allow you to capture architectural features used in original period designs or contemporary trends. For example, your windows can be nearly any configuration, any design, and nearly any location to tie features through the home to the garage door! You can accommodate any opening by customizing in 1" height and width increments or matching an uneven floor with a scribed bottom. The face of the door is fully customizable whether it's adding logos and routed designs to geometric shapes and windows to waves or anchors - you name it!

 Step 6: Door Finishing Options

As you dream of your door coming to life, don't forget to consider your options. We are very proud of our factory finish and offer it in both standard and custom paint options but also in an array of hand-applied faux stains. The result is the finest finish in the industry and brings a furniture-like finish to exterior architecture. With a strong warranty and compassion for the earth, our paint is an excellent addition to your garage door.

Using heat-reflective high-performance paint, all Factory Finished products will be delivered with a clean finish to last! While most of our products do not require finishing and may remain natural white, adding color to your project can add the wow-factor that you are after! Our vast and ever-expanding color palette includes blacks, charcoals and dark greens as well as faux stains to truly replicate the look of wood without the maintenance. With solutions for replacement of damaged sections to navigating tough exposures to Do-It-Yourself options, our finish will brighten up your home and increase durability. To read more about it, enjoy this blog.

Read more about our finishing options  

Read more about our American Legends Series and our Estate Collection Series to find your perfect door!

In the world of Fimbel, we do not believe in many limitations. We believe that if you can dream it, we can make it. What makes us different is that we build doors that last, reduce impact on the earth, and require very low maintenance and increased durability allowing you peace of mind. We have the best warranty on the market because we stand behind the product we make. We look forward to seeing your creativity and being able to give you a More in a Garage.

Find a Dealer and enjoy! 

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