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2021 Exterior Color Trends

Out with the with the new! 

It's 2021, and we are all a little excited to put 2020 behind us; however, we learned a lot during this wildly unprecedented year that shouldn't go without mention. One critical truth is how important it is for our homes to be a place of comfort, safety, and joy.

As the pandemic landed upon us, we realized our home renovation projects were no longer something to do when we found the time but rather something critical for our new at-home lifestyle. With a 95% return on investment at resale (Cost vs. Value Report), we know for sure the value of a quality garage door to the homeowner, and we are here to help with your garage renovation project. The relationship we share with our homes has changed, and we want you to be wholly satisfied.

In the recent blog post by Brick & Batten titled "21 Prediction for 2021 in Exterior Home Design, the author, Tessa, put "Statement Garage Doors" in the #1 spot. She anticipates "homeowners swapping out boring ones for beautiful ones", and we couldn't agree more. She elaborates to complement the beauty of wood doors but advises that, "we highly suggest reaching for imitation wood rather than the real stuff to lower future maintenance efforts." Again, we couldn't agree more, and we have the right material and design capabilities to add the referred to "Statement" to your home.

Color Trends for 2021

We don't claim to be color experts for your exterior renovation project, so we get to lean on the true color experts, such as the Home Depot paint brand, Behr, for their vision of what's to come.

Set to trend this year are the natural, more calming colors such as Behr's Weathered Moss and Cottage White to counteract the chaos of the previous year, but we will still see the darker Midnight Blue and Liquid Mercury adding strength and depth to the upcoming color palatte. Because we all need to have a little fun, Behr's Tornado Season teal is trending as a choice for the home's siding, so keeping your garage door natural, Versatex white will complement the home's vibrant color.

Behr's Exterior Color Collection offers some insights to complement the style of your home with the suggested color palettes presented in the brochure here. For the 'American Casual' style for your farmhouse, cottage, or coastal home, they offer a palette of "soft yet strong pastels", such as Weathered Moss, White, and Little Sun Dress, to complement the natural comfort of the style.

For 'Timeless Appeal' on a Colonial or Tudor home, they suggest the use of 'tradition and elegance [to] define the classic color palette for these dignified homes" such as the combination of Sugar Beet, Swiss Coffee, and Adirondack Blue for a twist on the patriotic red, white, and blue we all admire.

Behr's 'Modern Views' approach to contemporary and mid-century homes offers solutions whose "streamlined sensibility and design support a palette of neutrals with brilliant accents." In this scenario, adding the right pop of color, such as Soft Boiled, to the entry door and Silver Marlin to the garage while Wood Ash covers the home will leave you and your visitors feeling inspired.

Finally they offer popular and trending options for the 'Refined Craft' of your ranch, craftsman, and bungalow style home. "The classic details that adorn these homes stand out when painted with organic, natural hues" such as the subtle, earthen combination of Incognito, Sandstorm, and Havana Coffee.

Before you Commit

A few things to consider as you finalize your color decision (from our previous Blog called "Opening Doors to Color Your World"):

  1. Your entry door is the focal point of your home. You do not have to match it! Do your best to complement it. Focus on matching the quality and design not the color.
  2. The garage door color works best on many homes when it is coordinated to the details of the home: the siding, the windows, the trim.
  3. If the overall design of the home is unique, we invite to think beyond standard doors and make it your own.
  4. While the garage can consume 30% of a home's frontage, the garage door should add to the overall feel - not stick out like a sore thumb. We offer a lot of options to make it unique without making it outlandish!
  5. Be sure you understand the material of the garage door. We know that vinyl can respond to extreme temperatures unfavorably when in dark colors. Be sure you have the right paint product on the right material (again, no worries here for us, because we offer you more).
  6. If you cannot decide on a color, a natural white finish is a tried and true solution! With our product and our ability to offer you the DIY kits, so you can change your mind down the road.
  7. Do you plan to sell your home anytime soon? If so, consider what a potential buyer might want for their garage door! In this case, purchasing a garage door with the after factory option of our DIY kits may be the solution.

Why Replace the Garage Door

The most obvious reason to replace your garage door is to improve the curb appeal of the home. The term applies to the aesthetic appeal of a residential or commercial building as perceived from the street, and it was made popular in the 90's with the release of HGTV's show "Curb Appeal". As you may know, the entry door of most homes only constitutes 8% of the home's frontage while the garage door often consumes 30%, we can see the potential for impact with a new door. With the impressive ROI, utilizing the capabilities we offer through our manufacturing as well as additional options such as finishing and hardware, updating the garage door is a slam dunk! To learn more about designing like an architect, please enjoy the attached blog post where we take you through the process!

We manufacture our doors using smooth, solid Versatex for our unfinished doors and innovative, durable Tricoya for our factory finished products. For the factory finished doors, we use AquaSurTech paint products for not only their quality finish but their durability and commitment to the planet. We are pleased to offer this to you in virtually any custom color and faux stain.

Fimbel doors offer you a low-maintenance lifestyle. The clean appearance of the door should last for years to come with a gentle clean with mild soap and water. No harsh abrasives or undue elbow grease necessary.

Fimbel doors are manufactured to be safety first. You, your family, your home, and your belongings will rest safely behind our door. Our doors are engineered for durability! We know that poorly fitted doors are not only unsightly but also allow unwanted openings. Since we can match nearly any opening, weather, burglars, and bugs will not have access to your home through the garage door, and our energy efficient construction allows you to conserve on financial costs and increase comfort!

Now What?

So you have some ideas and perhaps some questions. Fantastic! The goal here at Fimbel is to invite you to think beyond a basic, standard door and consider what design inspiration may be lurking. Your result may be a beautiful white garage door, or you may just find a gray or blue to highlight your life! In either case, we are here to help:

  • To learn more about our finishing and paint products, please enjoy another recent blog dedicated to just that.
  • To start designing your dream door, please find a dealer near you by using our Dealer Locator [insert link] or reach out to our Customer Service Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We have a complete Product Guide available to you on our website, so head on over to learn more!
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