American Legends
Made with:
  • Will not rot, split, or check like wood
  • Will not rust like steel
  • Limited Lifetime Section Warranty
  • Patented
R-Values calculated in accordance with DASMA TDS-163

American Legends Vinyl-Clad Steel Carriage House Doors are 2 1/2" thick, and are a member of Fimbel ADS's Vinyl Composite Technology family of products. They offer exceptional energy efficiency, with an R-Value of 13.12*.

American Legends Doors feature an industry exclusive highly weatherable, smooth Vinyl-Clad Steel face in Natural White. It offers you the look of painted wood, the low-maintenance properties of Vinyl, and the strength and resilience of Steel. Additionally, the bonded vinyl face is treated for ultimate UV resistance. The door is furnished with permanently bonded Coped and Beaded vinyl overlays.

American Legends doors also feature our laminated sandwich-panel construction, which provides this door with the strength of our commercial ISO-DOR. It is insulated with a high-density, CFC-free polystyrene, which is retained with either our standard Vinyl Tufflite or optional Vinyl Clad Steel interior covers.

American Legends Vinyl-Clad Steel Carriage House Door cutaway view
  1. Insulated Laminated Core R-Value = 13.12*

  2. Vinyl-Clad Smooth 20GA Face with the look of painted wood

  3. Cope & Bead Vinyl Overlays-Overall Section Thickness 2 1/2"

  4. Inter-Locking Vinyl-Clad Tongue & Groove section joints

  5. Your choice of Laminated Vinyl-Clad Steel or standard Tufflite High-Impact prefinished interior cover

  6. Full Section Height Industrial-Grade Hinge Fastening Support Plate

  7. Heavy-Duty Bottom Astragal

These Vinyl Carriage House Doors will enhance the look and value of any home. They come in standard 8', 9', 10', 16' and 18' widths and 6'6", 7'0", 7'6", and 8'0" heights. American Legends Collection overhead garage doors are available with 6,8, 12 and 16 Lite designs, or solid top sections.

LV11-A Bell LV11-A
LV11-A Edison LV11-A
LV12-A Ford LV12-A
LV13-A Lidndbergh LV13-A
LV14-A Franklin LV14-A
LV15-A McCormick LV15-A
LV17-A Revere LV17-A
LV11-S Carver LV11-S
LV11-S Ross LV11-S
LV12-S Vanderbilt LV12-S
LV13-S Wright LV13-S
LV14-S Armstrong LV14-S
LV15-S Oakley LV15-S
LV17-S Hancock LV17-S